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I recently worked on a very special and interesting photo restoration project.  Cris Smith brought in a selection of photographs to restore, and a number of letters to scan.  Elmer, a young boy living in New Brunswick, Canada, wrote and sent letters to his mother who had moved to New York City.  The letters capture the everyday life in the small farming communities of Wards Creek and Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.

Here are a couple of the photographs that were included.
Photo Restoration

Cris wanted to preserve the photos and letters for her family and decided that an album would be the best way.  After completing the photo restorations and copying the letters, we put together a 68 page album. Needless to say, Elmer was a prolific writer.  The album has been enjoyed by family members in the United States and in Canada. Because of the historical interest, a copy of the album is being donated to the Historical Society in Sussex. These  handwritten letters  written by such a young boy, bring back memories that will be cherished for generations to come.  It is  sad to think that in the future there will be very few such personal mementos.

Here is part of the album cover and a page from one of the letters. Photo Restoration

Photographic restoration is very rewarding work. Each job is unique with different improvements needed depending on the the original photograph. It might require enhancing the color, repairing cracks, removing stains, replacing missing parts, etc. The goal is to make the new photograph look as close as possible to  the original photograph. First a copy is made of the original and then the art work is completed on the copy.  It’s fun to see the reaction when a client sees the end results, and it feels good to know that we helped to preserve a part of history.

Send me an email or give me call if you have one or more special photographs that need restoration.  We will schedule a time to meet.  At that time, we can talk about what can be done to enhance and preserve your photograph.  I can then give you a firm quote for what that will cost.            410-730-5981

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  1. Nichole


    I have an old framed photo from the 1920s of my grandfather and his sister. Since his passing it was decided that I need to provide my brother a copy of this photo. The frame is an antique convex style and I think I should have it done professionally. I am worried about the integrity of the photo and how it will withstand removing it from the frame, etc. Do you have experience with this?

    Thank you

    • admin

      Hello Nichole,

      Yes, I can definitely help you with that. Please call the studio (410-730-5981) or send me an email at so we can figure a good time to meet. Thank you, James

  2. Victor Grycenkov

    My uncle has an old military photo of his unit that is faded and a little crusty and needs some repair. Could I come by sometime and have you take a look at it?

    I live in Ellicott City.

    • admin

      Hello Victor,

      I look forward to restoring your uncle’s photo. I will send you an email to schedule time to meet.

      Best, James

  3. Victor

    Excellent job–thanks!

  4. admin

    You’re welcome. I was very happy with how the restoration turned out. Thanks for trusting me with your very important original photograph. Best, James

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