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You can contact the studio by calling 410-730-5981 or by sending email to

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  1. Rhonda Dunn

    James recently restored an old photograph for me. It turned out beautiful and turned it around quickly for me as I was in a time crunch. Not only is he a true professional, he is very personable and a true delight to work with.

    • admin

      Hello Rhonda. Thanks for the review and thanks for bringing in your old photograph.

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A Columbia Orchestra Young Artist Competition Winner

Being a musician myself, I enjoy photographing other musicians.  I believe this is the first solo portrait that I have taken of a bassoonist.  Here are a few of the favorite poses from a recent sitting that I did of Asha Kline.  Asha is one of this year’s winners in the Columbia Orchestra Young Artist Competition.  As she talked about the challenges of making reeds; it brought back memories of my days with the United States Army Field Band and conversations I had with double reed instrumentalists and their issues making double reeds.

Portraits with Bassoon

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Business Headshots, Columbia, Maryland

Your headshot is very important for the first impression that your on-line presence makes.  There are a number of things to consider when deciding what type of headshot you want.  I create headshots in my photography studio in Columbia, Maryland, and on location throughout the Baltimore – Washington area.  When creating a headshot in my studio, the background is most often either a fairly even gray tone, or sometimes a white or a black background.  Here are a few of headshots that were created in my studio.

WD 03-1024 pxE-C 1200 px

Headshots taken on location can look exactly like a headshot taken in the studio. In that situation, I basically set up a studio at your location, and bring the chosen background with me. But another possibility when the headshot is taken on location, is that the background can have part of your environment included in the image. I often like that background to be softly out of focus in the background. This gives a unique look to your headshot that has a different feel from a studio type headshot. Both styles look great, it is just a matter of preference for the look that you like best.  Sometimes that choice is strongly influenced by the type of uses you have for your headshot.   Here are some headshots taken on location.

NI-008 1024 pxAK 424 1024 px

Business headshots are used for web sites, LinkedIn profile photos, business cards and many other media uses. It is often a good idea a create a number of different looks, so that you have an image that fits your different needs.

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Photo Restoration – Ellicott City, Maryland

Here are a few before and after samples of photographic restorations that we completed recently.  The first is a faded and discolored very old photograph, that we carefully enhanced to bring back the original detail.  We also improved the contrast and the color.  It was a photograph that was nearly lost, but it is now a photograph that the family can enjoy for generations to come.Faded photo for restoration

The second photograph is one that we received torn. We reassembled the pieces and then photographed them. The artist then did artwork to replace the missing parts and remove the shadows from the seams.  Seeing the new image, you would never know that it had been torn.
Torn Photo to Restore

The third example, is an old photograph that was taken in Germany. You can see that it is badly faded and has many spots that make it hard to see the actual subject. Recreating faded areas in the roof required lots of detailed work. Again the contrast was improved, and the overall image was enhanced.

Each photographic restoration is different. Many skills are employed to improve the photographs. Schedule time to bring in your photographs that need restoration done. I will meet with you, and discuss what we can do to improve your photographs.

Call or email me to schedule, 410-730-5981 or

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Location Family Portrait – Columbia, MD – Bernese Mountain Dog “Boomer” and his family

Here are a couple of photographs from a recent location family portrait.  It is a relaxed natural series of portraits taken in their backyard.  The time of day was chosen based on the lighting at the location.  The setting worked great.

Family Portrait with dog Location Family Portrait

Having the sitting in their backyard, made it easier for “Boomer”, their Bernese Mountain Dog.  Often, transporting a pet makes it harder for them to relax during the sitting.  Boomer loved posing with the family at home.

Coordinating clothing can be a challenge.  In this case,  Mom did a wonderful job. By limiting the color palette; the portrait emphasizes the faces rather than the clothing, giving the portrait a feeling of unity.  You can choose to have everyone in matching clothes or choose a few colors to use.  Both approaches work, but remember the emphasis is on the faces not the clothing.

Outdoor portraits require a little more planning, because the natural lighting at the chosen location has to be taken into account.  Obviously weather is also a consideration.  If you have a specific date that the portrait needs to be taken and would like an outdoor sitting, it is wise to have a back up location planned in case the weather doesn’t co-operate.  If you have flexibility in the date, we can reschedule if the weather on the day you have chosen is not co-operating.

Another major decision if thinking about a location portrait,  is if you want a special background.  That might be your home, a special landscaped area of your yard, your boat, or an area in your home.  If that isn’t something you are thinking about, another great option can be soft out of focus greenery.  That still gives a natural feel to the portrait without drawing attention to the background.

Spring and fall are the most popular times to schedule outdoor sittings.  Sittings in your home can be done any time of year.



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Photo Restoration – Columbia, MD

I recently worked on a very special and interesting photo restoration project.  Cris Smith brought in a selection of photographs to restore, and a number of letters to scan.  Elmer, a young boy living in New Brunswick, Canada, wrote and sent letters to his mother who had moved to New York City.  The letters capture the everyday life in the small farming communities of Wards Creek and Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.

Here are a couple of the photographs that were included.
Photo Restoration

Cris wanted to preserve the photos and letters for her family and decided that an album would be the best way.  After completing the photo restorations and copying the letters, we put together a 68 page album. Needless to say, Elmer was a prolific writer.  The album has been enjoyed by family members in the United States and in Canada. Because of the historical interest, a copy of the album is being donated to the Historical Society in Sussex. These  handwritten letters  written by such a young boy, bring back memories that will be cherished for generations to come.  It is  sad to think that in the future there will be very few such personal mementos.

Here is part of the album cover and a page from one of the letters. Photo Restoration

Photographic restoration is very rewarding work. Each job is unique with different improvements needed depending on the the original photograph. It might require enhancing the color, repairing cracks, removing stains, replacing missing parts, etc. The goal is to make the new photograph look as close as possible to  the original photograph. First a copy is made of the original and then the art work is completed on the copy.  It’s fun to see the reaction when a client sees the end results, and it feels good to know that we helped to preserve a part of history.

Send me an email or give me call if you have one or more special photographs that need restoration.  We will schedule a time to meet.  At that time, we can talk about what can be done to enhance and preserve your photograph.  I can then give you a firm quote for what that will cost.            410-730-5981

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  1. Nichole


    I have an old framed photo from the 1920s of my grandfather and his sister. Since his passing it was decided that I need to provide my brother a copy of this photo. The frame is an antique convex style and I think I should have it done professionally. I am worried about the integrity of the photo and how it will withstand removing it from the frame, etc. Do you have experience with this?

    Thank you

    • admin

      Hello Nichole,

      Yes, I can definitely help you with that. Please call the studio (410-730-5981) or send me an email at so we can figure a good time to meet. Thank you, James

  2. Victor Grycenkov

    My uncle has an old military photo of his unit that is faded and a little crusty and needs some repair. Could I come by sometime and have you take a look at it?

    I live in Ellicott City.

    • admin

      Hello Victor,

      I look forward to restoring your uncle’s photo. I will send you an email to schedule time to meet.

      Best, James

  3. Victor

    Excellent job–thanks!

  4. admin

    You’re welcome. I was very happy with how the restoration turned out. Thanks for trusting me with your very important original photograph. Best, James

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Portrait of Stacey Evans with “Luigi”, her American Eskimo dog. Taken in the studio in Columbia, MD.

Stacey with Luigi, her American Eskimo dog.
I was very happy to be commissioned by Stacey Evans to photograph her with “Luigi”, her American Eskimo dog. It was a great sitting in my Columbia, MD photography studio. As you can see, both subjects are photogenic. We did a series of different poses and a number of them worked really well. When doing a portrait that includes a pet, I like to have everything set up and ready before they arrive. It is hard to know how a pet will react to being in the studio. I once had a Great Dane who only let me take one shot. He was then standing with his paws on the top of the door frame. He was ready to leave. Luckily that first shot was actually pretty good, so it worked out alright. Luigi was a much more relaxed subject. As long as he was by Stacey, he was happy.

Stacey and her dog

Stacey is an attorney and government affairs expert who has extensive experience working with legal, policy, and legislative issues affecting animals. She is the CEO of Humane Strategies, Benefit LLC, a for-profit social enterprise, with a mission to promote animal health, the human-canine bond, sound wildlife conservation and sound wildlife management in state and local communities in the U.S. www. One of the purposes for the portraits taken in this sitting, was to use it on the website on Pet Partners. Stacey is a member of their board of directors. Pet Partners promotes positive human-animal interaction.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Stacey about her many interests. One of the most unique to me, was that she takes vacations where she goes mushing. Mushing is when a team of dogs pulls a sled. I’m not aware of anyone else I know doing that on vacation. We’ll see if anyone who reads this tells me that they do also.

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Commercial Photography – The Gardens Ice House, Laurel MD

At 8:00 am on January 1, 2013, I started a year long commercial photography assignment in Laurel MD.  The project was to capture many of the exciting events that occur at The Gardens Ice House. The images were used to create a 2014 calendar for the rink.  The first shoot was the Annual Free Public Session that starts at 8:00 am on January 1st.  Over the course of the year, I did action photography of  Tri-City Hockey games, figure skating shows, curling competitions, and numerous hockey tournaments.  I also did photographs to highlight the facility.

Here is January’s photo.  A few of the early morning skaters, enjoying hot chocolate while taking a break at the annual New Year’s Day free public session.  

Commercial Photo

February’s pick shows the “Fighting Falcons” ice hockey team having a nighttime practice on Whitey’s Pond, the newly dedicated outdoor rink.

Commercial Photography
The Gardens is an amazing facility. There is an Olympic sized ice rink, two NHL sized rinks, a Curling Rink, a small indoor practice rink, and a recently added outdoor “mini” rink. In addition to all of the ice, the building also houses the “For Sports Pro Shop”,  “Wellness for Life” fitness facility, and “Ice Breakers Cafe” for refreshments. Check the Gardens Ice House website for Public Skating sessions. The Gardens hosts several ice hockey programs  for skaters of all ages, the Gardens Figure Skating Club of Maryland and the National Capital Curling Center.   In the summer, the ice is removed from one of the rinks and is used for other activities, including a daytime summer camp. Things like: Roller Derby, Boxing, Movie Night and Battle of the Bands occur on Saturday nights.  If you’ve never been there, you should check out this fantastic facility.  You might even enjoy the “Learn to Drive the Zamboni” class.

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