Portrait of Stacey Evans with “Luigi”, her American Eskimo dog. Taken in the studio in Columbia, MD.

Stacey with Luigi, her American Eskimo dog.
I was very happy to be commissioned by Stacey Evans to photograph her with “Luigi”, her American Eskimo dog. It was a great sitting in my Columbia, MD photography studio. As you can see, both subjects are photogenic. We did a series of different poses and a number of them worked really well. When doing a portrait that includes a pet, I like to have everything set up and ready before they arrive. It is hard to know how a pet will react to being in the studio. I once had a Great Dane who only let me take one shot. He was then standing with his paws on the top of the door frame. He was ready to leave. Luckily that first shot was actually pretty good, so it worked out alright. Luigi was a much more relaxed subject. As long as he was by Stacey, he was happy.

Stacey and her dog

Stacey is an attorney and government affairs expert who has extensive experience working with legal, policy, and legislative issues affecting animals. She is the CEO of Humane Strategies, Benefit LLC, a for-profit social enterprise, with a mission to promote animal health, the human-canine bond, sound wildlife conservation and sound wildlife management in state and local communities in the U.S. www. humanestrategies.com. One of the purposes for the portraits taken in this sitting, was to use it on the website on Pet Partners. www.petpartners.org. Stacey is a member of their board of directors. Pet Partners promotes positive human-animal interaction.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Stacey about her many interests. One of the most unique to me, was that she takes vacations where she goes mushing. Mushing is when a team of dogs pulls a sled. I’m not aware of anyone else I know doing that on vacation. We’ll see if anyone who reads this tells me that they do also.

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